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What Type of Residential / Commercial Projects can AGA Associates Do For You in
Fitzrovia London?


Located only a few miles from central Fitzrovia, our architects have in-depth knowledge of the area's architectural heritage. We maintain a strong relationship with Camden Planning and Building Control, expediting projects from concept to completion. Our design-led studios specialise in creative extensions, loft and basement conversions, and new builds, blending seamlessly with the surroundings while prioritising energy efficiency and sustainable materials.


Avoid budget overruns with our scope of work / fee Proposal for residential and commercial renovations during the architectural design stage. Our costs are transparent, covering our services without charging a percentage of the total project cost. Visualise your project with 3D modeling, preventing costly mid-project changes. Following the RIBA Plan of Work, we manage the entire project—from conceptual design and planning approvals to detailed design and finding a reliable builder. Trust us to turn your vision into reality.

period buildings 
in Fitzrovia 

Explore Fitzrovia iconic historic areas and buildings—a vital resource shaping the city's character and economy. Council prioritises managing and preserving architectural heritage. For home renovations in period properties, hire an architect with expertise in heritage projects. Learn more in our journal about period residential homes.

Residential Architecture Projects in Fitzrovia London


Discover the freedom of single-storey extensions in Fitzrovia through permitted development. A seasoned architect with local expertise can guide you, as regulations can be intricate. Save time, stress, and money by exploring our journal on permitted development and planning permission. Choosing an architecture firm well-versed in these requirements ensures maximum potential without the need for planning permission. Unlock the possibilities today.


Top London architecture practices boast specialised staff for every stage of the architect process, from planning consultants to architectural design and finding the right builder or tradesman. AGA Associates adheres to RIBA architect stages, leaving no detail overlooked.

Navigate your multi/double storey extension project seamlessly with our comprehensive support from start to finish. Avoid the common pitfall of self-managing home projects to save costs—while it may seem economical initially, the risk of mistakes and unforeseen costs in the long term is significant without project management expertise.

Opt for our site monitoring services to alleviate project pressures. Discover the AGA Associates process, emphasizing our meticulous care at every stage of your project.


Illuminate your loft extension projects in Fitzrovia with abundant natural light—a common challenge in many period properties. Studies affirm that ample natural light enhances well-being and health. Rely on an experienced architect for innovative solutions to infuse sustainable brightness into your home.

Explore the brilliance of skylights, light wells, and glass room dividers, transforming extensions, basement conversions, and loft conversions. Embrace the elegance of interior crittal for a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Witness the impact of light wells and other home design innovations in our portfolio. Illuminate your space with expert guidance.

AGA Associates offers Publications For Property Developers and Homeowners in Fitzrovia London

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they want to
increase their
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Discover our expertise in residential and commercial projects, focusing primarily on Fitzrovia, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Dartmouth Park, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, King’s Cross, Chalk Farm, Primrose Hill, Gospel Oak, Hampstead, and Highgate. Our comprehensive services span these vibrant areas, ensuring top-notch solutions for a variety of projects in these key locations.

Unlock the Secrets: Your Essential Guide to Boosting Planning Permission Success! Dive into the must-know insights for homeowners looking to enhance their chances of securing planning permission. Don't let uncertainties stand in your way—get the crucial tips that make a difference. Grab your copy now and turn your dream project into a reality!

THE breakthrough method home 
owners have used
to achieve
in weeks

As architects we are familiar with the Fitzrovia area, we serve homeowners and developers throughout from the borough, from Bloomsbury to Hampstead Heath​.

Discover the Game-Changer: Unveiling THE Breakthrough Method for Homeowners to Achieve Permitted Development in Just 8 Weeks! Unleash the secrets that have transformed home improvement timelines. Say goodbye to delays and dive into a streamlined process for swift permitted development success. Your dream home is closer than you think—grab your copy now and unlock the keys to an 8-week transformation!

find out how you can navigate
planning policies 

The areas we cover in and around Fitzrovia are EC1M, EC1N, EC1R, N1, N19, N1C, N6, N7, NW1, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, W1T, W9, WC1A, WC1B, WC1E, WC1H, WC1N, WC1R, WC1V, WC1X, WC2A, WC2B, WC2H, EC1M, W1P, W1T, N1C, EC1N, EC1R, EC4A, WC1N, WC2E, WC2R, WC99

Crack the Code: Uncover Proven Strategies to Navigate Contentious Planning Policies and Secure Your Planning Permission! Dive into the insider tips that savvy homeowners are using to overcome obstacles and make their dream projects a reality. Don't let planning policies stand in your way—seize your copy now and gain the upper hand in achieving hassle-free planning permission!

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Planning Package

✓ Measured survey with our surveyor

✓ Floor plans and elevations drawings of your existing property

✓ Online Progress meeting with our registered Architect

✓ Proposed floor plans and elevations

✓ Design Options available

✓ Supporting Planning Documents

✓ Planning application submission and management

Technical Package

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✓ Prepare Developed Design


✓ Building Regulation Specifications

✓ Consultant Coordinator

✓ Prepare Tender Documentation

✓ Submit and Manage developed design to Building Control / Approved Inspector

✓ Contract Administration

✓ Inspect Design Quality

Bespoke Package

✓  We will provide you with a tailored  quote to meet your specific needs

✓ Our in-house professionals will walk  you through each stage

✓ Click start here to choose the level of service you require and we will provide you with a quote shortly after

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