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When it comes to designing your dream home, look no further than AGA Associates, the leading architectural practice. With our expertise and innovative approach, we excel in creating awe-inspiring residential spaces that perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics. AGA Associates' team of skilled architects and architectural designers understands your vision and transforms it into reality, utilising cutting-edge design techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every aspect of your dream home is meticulously crafted. Whether it's contemporary, minimalist, or traditional, AGA Associates embraces your style preferences, delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. Trust AGA Associates to create a sanctuary that truly reflects your personality and meets your unique lifestyle requirements. Experience the best in architectural design with AGA Associates, the ultimate choice for your dream home. Contact us today to turn your vision into a living masterpiece.

Here's A Brief Outline  Of What We'll Cover in Your Free Initial Consultation

Ensure Compliance in Your Building Project

STEP 0. Are you contemplating moving forward with your Building Project in an unlawful manner? Think twice! We'll illustrate why this could be a monumental error, exposing you to potential Enforcement orders and fines from the Local Authority. Failure to commence a project on a legal footing can result in significant losses of both time and money.


STEP 1. We will share the time-tested techniques we've consistently employed for over two decades to conquer challenging planning applications, benefiting both our clients and ourselves. Our experience encompasses various categories of luxury homes, where we have secured planning permission for projects of varying scales, ranging from small to large endeavors.

mistakes made 
by home owners

STEP 2. Almost every individual aspiring to craft their dream Luxury Home inadvertently commits these typical yet critical errors. Discover what these mistakes are, so you can steer clear of them! Leveraging our extensive experience on hundreds of projects, we are well-acquainted with the potential pitfalls associated with the design, coordination, and tendering of your Luxury Home.

Unlock clear Time and Money Saving Tips

STEP 3. We employ four core strategies that not only enhance project efficiency but also offer substantial time and cost savings for our clients. To explore these methods in-depth, we're delighted to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. What sets us apart from typical practices is our innovative approach – we prioritize creative design by thinking differently, resulting in unique and tailored solutions.


STEP 4. We divulge the true dynamics concealed behind the scenes and shed light on why achieving a flawless dream home can be significantly more challenging without the essential expertise of a competent team in today's market. First-time enthusiasts frequently underestimate the necessity of precise information at each project stage, and these requirements can fluctuate based on individual circumstances. Regrettably, their lack of professional guidance along the way often results in overspending, sometimes tripling their intended budget.

a misconception which lead to disappointment

STEP 5. Many Property Enthusiasts initially connect with builders or contractors when starting a project, thinking this is the ideal approach. However, this assumption is often incorrect. We will demonstrate why there's a deeper layer to consider and what alternative steps to take. The key lies in pursuing a well-structured, meticulously coordinated project. Anything less can result in heightened stress and jeopardize your project's budget and deadline commitments.

✓ 70% of Builders are incapable of           accurately providing cost to a Building.

✓ Are You Frustrated with the current       Building Cost Uncertainty?

✓ Are You Tired of Being Charged Over       Market Rate for Construction Value? 

✓ Are You Dubious over Your Builders         initial Quotation / Breakdown?

✓ Are You Struggling to Find The Right       Builder that can Construct Your Vision?

✓ 60% of Home Refurbs Fail to Meet         the Cost vs Value Standards.

✓ The Cost vs Value Standards are             Predominantly Caused by Poor Design.

✓ The Return on investment on Upscale     Kitchen appliances are Very Low.

✓ Home Decorations Can completely           Transform Your Space if Done Right.

✓ Have You ever considered Creating a       Recreational Out-Building?

✓ 10% Discount On Quote

✓ Planning Application Guidance

✓ Design Option Guidance

✓ Home Extensions are Daunting, it may 

   take Longer than You Think.

✓ Can Value be Added to Your Property       and How will this be Measured?

✓ Have You Prepared a Realistic Start         Date and Completion Date?

✓ Do You Intend to Extend whilst Living     in Your Property?

✓ You may Decide to Extend in The           Future so Plan for this Now?

✓ Are You Unsure of the Appropriate         Next Steps to Help You Save Money?

✓ What Type of Planning Application is       Appropriate for Your Project?

✓ Is it a Good idea to Notify Your             Neighbours?

✓ Are You Undecided of the Type of           Space that will Work?

✓ What are the Structural Considerations     Required for a Dormer Extension?

✓How to Buy,Refurbish & Refinance

✓ How To Raise Private Finance

✓ Join 40 Minute Online Session

✓ Have You Tried using Our Home             Improvement Cost Calculator?

✓ Will Your Renovation Add Value in the     Long Term?

✓ Are You Taking into Account Best           Practice Spatial Standards?

✓ Will You Be Creating a Seamless             Connection with the Existing House?

✓ Are You Concerned about Disturbing       Your Neighbours during construction?

✓ Do Not be Lured by a Builder that           provides a Low Estimate?

✓ What Should You do if the Builder           Refuses to Finish Your Project?

✓ What Type of Expertise are Required       to Manage and Coordinate a Project?

✓ What are the Benefits of Appointing       an Architect to Project Manage?

✓ Without Help Things can become Stressful and You'll regret Starting

✓ Claim 10% Discount Today

✓ 3 Site Appraisal Per Month

✓ Subject to Our AGA Fee Proposal

✓ Most Home Improvement Projects are     Subject to Planning Permission.

✓ On What Grounds can a Planning           Application  be Refused?

✓ Are You Familiar with the Correct Type     of Planning Application to Choose?

✓ Do You know how to Navigate               Through the Planning Process?

✓ Are You familiar with Liaising and           Monitoring Planning Correspondence? 

✓ Can a Renewable Design Strategy           Save You Money on Utility Bills?

✓ Have You considered Building an           Energy Saving Eco-Home?

✓ Would You like a Project that Helps         reduce the Carbon Neutral Foot Print?

✓ Are You Familiar with the Benefits of       the Passive House Principles?

✓ What are the Advantages of a more         Greener / Sustainable Home?

✓ 10% Discount On Quote

✓ Planning Application Guidance

✓ Design Option Guidance

✓ Home Extensions are Subject to               Building Regulations.

✓ Building Regulations have become more     Strict in relation to Energy Efficiency.

✓ This also includes Windows, Chimneys,     Bathrooms, Boilers and Radiators.

✓ Building Regulations often requires           Technical Design and Specifications.

✓ What's the Difference between Building Control and an Approved Inspector?

✓ Do You Find Managing Budgets and           Timelines Stressful?

✓ Are there Benefits of improving               Productivity and Overall Quality of Work

✓ What are the advantages of Mitigating     Project Risks?

✓ What is the Best way to Manage the         Quality of the Project?

✓ Are You worried about failing to               finish the Project on time or on Budget?

✓How to Buy,Refurbish & Refinance

✓ How To Raise Private Finance

✓ Join 40 Minute Online Session

✓ What Type of Floor Layouts will             provide the Optimum Results?

✓ Have You identified the most                 important space in your Future Home?

✓ Would You Like a Cost Estimate on         Your most Desired Space?

✓ Would You Like to Know what Your         Budget Can Realistically Achieve?

✓ Would You like your Design                   experience to be inclusive/immersive?

✓ Are You Struggling To Finance Your         Dream Project but Lack the Funds?

✓ Are You unfamiliar with the Various         Types of Funding Options Available?

✓ Do the Lack of Funds and increasing       Material Cost Keep You up at Night?

✓ Has Works started Without the               right Financial Parameters?

✓ Is Your Building Funds Depleting and       You have Nothing to Show for it?

✓ Claim 10% Discount Today

✓ 3 Site Appraisal Per Month

✓ Subject to Our AGA Fee Proposal

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The Nest Coffee Co.

I’d like to thank Joseph and team at AGA for their professional  and knowledgeable service throughout. They helped us secure planning with Southwark. Would highly recommend.


Thank you for the great news and for all your hard work. I am so pleased with the result. You and your team were on top of things and made this process really easy for us. I left you a 5 star review.

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AGA Associates_5 Star Google Review.png


Joseph was very nice and calm and was able to bring out my ideas on paper. He was very professional. I would recommend AGA to others, very pleased with the work he has done for me


Fantastic team who paid great attention to details while drafting and successfully securing a potentially complex planning application on our behalf. They covered all bases and made it a stress free process. 

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AGA Associates_5 Star Google Review.png


Great company, good communication, very professional! Would highly recommend for any projects.


Would highly recommend! Great service and work ethics, determined to help clients and meet their needs. The team are extremely hard working and passionate in what they do!
Thank you AGA Associates!