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This Complaints Handling Procedure has been meticulously crafted to guarantee AGA Associates' commitment to addressing complaints with utmost transparency and effectiveness, while upholding the pinnacle of professionalism for both our team and clients

✓ Any individual or entity with a complaint related to our architectural  services should submit the complaint in writing.

✓ Complaints may be sent via email

✓ All complaints should include the complainant's contact information and a detailed description of the issue.


✓ AGA Associates will maintain ongoing communication with the complainant throughout the process to keep them informed of the status of their complaint.

✓ The complainant will be provided with a response detailing the investigation findings and any recommended actions.

✓ Upon receiving a complaint, AGA Associates will promptly acknowledge its receipt, typically within 10 business days.

✓ An initial internal review will be conducted to determine the seriousness and nature of the complaint.

✓ This will be followed up with an initial Online Meeting.

✓ If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, they may submit an appeal in writing to AGA Associates.

✓ The appeal will be reviewed by a different, impartial staff member not previously involved in the complaint.

✓ AGA Associates will respond to the appeal within 30 calendar days and provide a final resolution.

✓ If necessary, AGA Associates will assign an experienced staff member to investigate the complaint.

✓ The investigation will include reviewing project documentation, conducting online interviews, and any other relevant procedures to address the complaint. 

✓ AGA Associates will aim to resolve the complaint within 60 calendar days and inform the complainant of the outcome.

✓ All complaints, their resolutions, and appeals will be documented and maintained as part of AGA Associates records.

✓ The information from complaints will be used to identify areas for improvement and enhance our services.

Last Updated : 10/01/2020

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Thank you for the great news and for all your hard work. I am so pleased with the result. You and your team were on top of things and made this process really easy for us. I left you a 5 star review.

Fantastic team who paid great attention to details while drafting and successfully securing a potentially complex planning application on our behalf. They covered all bases and made it a stress free process. 

Would highly recommend! Great service and work ethics, determined to help clients and meet their needs. The team are extremely hard working and passionate in what they do!
Thank you AGA Associates!

Planning Package

✓ Measured survey with our surveyor

✓ Floor plans and elevations drawings of your existing property

✓ Online Progress meeting with our registered Architect

✓ Proposed floor plans and elevations

✓ Design Options available

✓ Supporting Planning Documents

✓ Planning application submission and management

Technical Package

  • AGA Associates Logo 2

✓ Prepare Developed Design


✓ Building Regulation Specifications

✓ Consultant Coordinator

✓ Prepare Tender Documentation

✓ Submit and Manage developed design to Building Control / Approved Inspector

✓ Contract Administration

✓ Inspect Design Quality

Bespoke Package

✓  We will provide you with a tailored  quote to meet your specific needs

✓ Our in-house professionals will walk  you through each stage

✓ Click start here to choose the level of service you require and we will provide you with a quote shortly after

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