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Single storey EXTENSIONS

We provide cost saving quality Designs made for you. You deserve a home that reflects your unique style and accommodates your evolving needs. Imagine the sheer delight of a beautifully designed single-storey extension, seamlessly expanding your living space. Picture the possibilities—a light-filled sanctuary where you can unwind, entertain loved ones in a spacious dining area, or create the perfect home office to fuel your productivity. Whether it's a new living room, an expanded kitchen, let us bring your vision to life. With our expertise, we'll bring your dreams to life, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection. From concept to completion, we'll work closely with you, considering your vision, lifestyle, and budget. Get ready to embrace a new chapter of comfort, functionality, and effortless elegance in your home with our transformative single-storey extensions. Elevate your living experience and make your home truly exceptional.

Check Out Some Of Our Single Storey Extension Projects?

Planning Package

✓ Measured survey with our surveyor

✓ Floor plans and elevations drawings of your existing property

✓ Online Progress meeting with our registered Architect

✓ Proposed floor plans and elevations

✓ Design Options available

✓ Supporting Planning Documents

✓ Planning application submission and management

Technical Package

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✓ Prepare Developed Design


✓ Building Regulation Specifications

✓ Consultant Coordinator

✓ Prepare Tender Documentation

✓ Submit and Manage developed design to Building Control / Approved Inspector

✓ Contract Administration

✓ Inspect Design Quality

Bespoke Package

✓  We will provide you with a tailored  quote to meet your specific needs

✓ Our in-house professionals will walk  you through each stage

✓ Click start here to choose the level of service you require and we will provide you with a quote shortly after

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